HellerPropeller is the joint of charismatic singer Loretta Who and producer extraordinaire Albin Janoska. They created some buzz around the globe with releasing a couple of tracks on Soundcloud last year. They formed a fantastic liveband featuring Elektro Guzzi´s guitarplayer Berni Hammer, Alex Pohn and Peter Schönbauer, the perfect mixture between energy and fragility.


Albin is known for his soloworks and remixes but also for his collaborations with the grammy nominated band Groove Collective, S O H N,  Count Basic, Sofa Surfers, Rodney Hunter, Alan Parsons, Violetta Parisini, just to name a few. He´s very passionate about music and contributes on many records as a producer, musician or remixer. In 2007 Albin won the Amadeus Academy Award.


Loretta´s musical approach is accoustic and fragile. She´s always looking for new ways of expression and alternatives for sterotypes. She hates recording rooms and treats her  microphone like a very close friend.


Loretta and Albin truly benefit from each other´s way of working and merge their talents perfectly to a very unique HellerPropeller songwriting style. Sometimes their songs sound like a fresh interpretation of trip hop, electropop or psych rock, but there´s always a personal and unique approach in their music.


Songs happen out of the moment, no big preparations or concepts, picturesque arrangements come out of emotions and the passion about music. Sometimes a song remains in it´s original state. HellerPropeller´s production style is fairly simple: what fits the song best is gonna be recorded – even if it´s the pop of a cherry stalk instead of a snaredrum.